QR Code generator

Advanced QR Code generator

Create QR Code images in seconds.

This application includes a user friendly interface enabling you to create your own QR Codes. You also have the ability to select the size of the images.

You can change every aspect of a QR Code from shapes to colors. No need to be a designer. Get your own QR Code done right, now. Design your QR Code on the fly choosing among unlimited style combinations and colors with your own logo. Choose a shape, a color, a style and change the color of corner, body or background.

Nevertheless, we offer a service to design a expert QR Code for your company, associated to a print and marketing campaign. Think about it. Contact our marketing team or our designers.

Mobile WebSite Builder

Mobile Website Builder

This mobile website builder is a drag'n'drop mobile site tool. You can instantly create a stunning mobile site in few minutes.

Fast, flexible, you don't need programming skills. You select the button, you add text and the color.

That's it !

Much better, it's a powerful tool to create instantly a new income stream for your marketing with the Paypal, Google Map and contact forms options.

Keep in touch with your customers with our drag'n'drop system.

To be an expert, some video tutorials walk you through the system step-by-step.

Surveys and Polls Platforme

Surveys and Polls Platforme

Carrying out a web survey with QR Sun tool has never been that profitable !

QR Sun survey engine is an online way to create and evaluate your customers surveys and polls on any subject. It's the best tool to improve your customers knowledge.

With a easy and intuitive interface and some question types, you can create and control multilingual online surveys and allow your customers and prospects to answer even faster.

The participants may scan the survey QR Code and may fill the fields. The number of questions and participants can be limited. Follow the results of the participants' answers in real time and export the data in csv format.

No additional knowledge required, you can do it online immediately.


QR Code Platform

It makes easy to monitor your QR Codes with our platform.

Our platform enables you to monitor all your QR Codes and their related information and making it easy for you to view all the information you need.

It also includes a way to organise the QR Codes by marketing campaign and provides several ways to customize the QR Codes.

Built-in interface to add, edit, redirect and delete QR Code and analyse your stats.

Spot Mapping

Spot Mapping Tool

This QR Spot Locator is necessary to fetch and display all the QR Code information. It enables users to view all of them on a Google Map.

The interface is simply and friendly.

Add a address, comments and a specific location . It may be a store, a bar, a street or anywhere. Display a QR Code over there.

Once done, view the hit. Easy to search by address. Don't miss a place that can increase your business. Be the first.

With a mobile website, you are able to link the QR Code with Google Analytics.

Redirectable Platform

Redirectable QR Store

Bulk smart and editable Codes in our store !

Don't bother to design a Code, we create it for you !

Buy an editable and updateable QR Codes that you can change to any content on the Internet, at anytime, from anywhere, and as often as you like.

Your redirectable QR Code in your platform for using on flyers, business cards, maps, restaurant menus, product labels, stickers or any applications requiring.

QR Sun

QRSun is a startup after a collaboration of many developers, designers and marketers for a threefold purpose: broadcast, promote the QR Code concept to increase the corporate business. QRsun is produced by Sunset Code company. http://www.sunsetcode.fr Member http://www.coopetic.com

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