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Best Practice Checklist of QR code or Flashcode

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Check - Analyze a QR code campaign to identifie the best uses.

QR code or Flash code Campaign Name ? Head of QR Mobile Campaign ? Recipient of the Mobile Marketing Campaign ?

1. Does It serve a commercial or associative purpose ?
2. The objective, is it definied ( have a mail ...)?
3. Does it bring a value to the customer ?
4. Can we measure the audience ?
5. The type of 2D barcode, is it appropriate (size, surface, ease of scanning) ?
6. The data in the bar code, are they optimized ?
7. There are a adequate Wi-Fi or Internet access ?
8. The code, is it visually creative ?
9. The code, is it visually "too creative" ?
10. The QR code or flash code,is it placed in locations easily identifiable ?
11. The QR code or flash code,is it placed in locations easily scannable ?
12. The time to scan is suffisant ?
13. The size of the barcode camera is enough ?
14. Are there somebody to help users to search for a reader on Appstore and Google Play ?
15. Are there a guidance to users to know what happens when scanning ?
16. The QR code is a link to a destination "mobile friendly" : a responsive design website ?
17. Have you tested the scannability (various smartphones, cameras, portable, light, speed, etc. ) ?

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