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Coupons help generat sales for businesses while offering saving for consumers. It's a great win-win situation, in 2010 alone, manufacturers offered consumers $485 bilion in coupon savings, with the economy down, coupons are on the rise.
84% of consumers use coupons, 52% of consumers use coupons when dining out, 60% of consumers are becoming more focused on the price of groceries.96% of consumers said they would still use coupons if they won the lottery, 47% coupon savings have increased 47% in the past five years, 89% of coupons are from consumer goods manufacturers.
Adults aren't the only ones using coupons, teens are also using coupons : 19% spent on entertainment, 18% spents on beauty/gooming, 25% spent on clothing
With QR Codes , the process of couponing is made easier. Why consumers and businesses should use qr code coupons ? They're easier : QR codes make it easier for potential and existing consumers to take advantage of discounts and marketing promotions.Plus, no more paper cuts!They're convenients : Customers don't have to hassle with cutting out coupons and storing them for use at a later time.Customers and prospects are less likely to loose or forget about thier QR code couponsThey're "green" : No more printed ads means less paper and less stress to our environment. Not to mention, they are cheaper to produce than printed coupons.Which means a manufecturer could afford to produce more saving for customers,They create loyalty : QR codes not only attract new customers, but they ensure loyalty among existing costumers.They can be tracked : QR code can also be tracked. This means that the manufacturer can not only see where their coupons are working and focus on the particular area, but they can also offer rewards to consumers, adding yet another layer of benefits for the consumer,They can be shared : Since there is no need to cut out anything, customers can easily share their coupons with friends and family, the consumer is happy because they helped someone else save and the manufactuer is happy because sharing coupons expands their reach
1 - A manufacturer creates a print and web advertisement that incorporates a QR code coupons(Every hour spent couponing is worth $100, 74% of consumers search multiple coupon services each week)
2 - The prospect sees the ad and uses their smart phone to scan the QR code coupon, the coupon is then safely stored on the prospect's phone.(The average savings per coupon in 2010 was $1,44)
3 - A week later, the prospect goes shopping and instead of choosing a competitors brand, they choose the product they have a coupon for.
4 - The prospect brings their phone to the check out counter along with their product and shows the sales clerk the coupon. The sales clerk scans the coupon and the discount is applied to the transaction.
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QRSun is a startup after a collaboration of many developers, designers and marketers for a threefold purpose: broadcast, promote the QR Code concept to increase the corporate business. QRsun is produced by Sunset Code company. http://www.sunsetcode.fr Member http://www.coopetic.com

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