Showcase Restaurant

When you walk in the streets of a city and that it's time to eat, choose a restaurant is not always easy.
It is much more pleasant to choose a menu that you can see!

Create a QR code about your menu, it might convince to stop at. And do not forget the wine aperitif power!

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Hourly on shop window.

Create a QR code displayed on your storefront. It will give the opening hours of your store at all times to people passing by. It's much more modern than the traditional hourly.

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Building for sale or rent

You are a real estate broker. You have installed a sign "for sale" to the building of your customer ?

Why not add a QR code that will give immediate access to the full record of the property? Thus, if a prospect is in front of the building at a time when it can not reach you by phone, it will have immediate access to all the information.

Make sure to clearly present your phone number or form to contact you and make an appointment!
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Give a discount coupon

You buy regularly advertise in newspapers. It's expensive, isn't it?
Use a QR code to increase the amount of information available in your advertising ...

...without increasing the size and price!
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Use your uniforms

You have a business, a bar, a club, a golf course, a restaurant or other, print a QR code on the t-shirts of your employees and encourage people to scan for an exclusive promotion.

Do print the code on the back of t-shirt, otherwise it will not be very flat ...
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More information

If you sell products of various brands? Add QR codes that allow people to get more information on trademarks or models available.

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Facebook fan

You have a Facebook fan page personal or professional that you want to increase. Create and stick stickers on the showcase of your shop, your packages, your products ...

Facebook stickers with a QR code.

An other interesting use is to add a QR code on the banner of your Facebook page to allow people to get a coupon.

- QR Sun -

For authors

You publish a book and would like to make it more interactive? Add a QR code on the book's cover to provide additional information or to get people to visit your site. You can also add code inside the book to provide further information !

The QR code allows the author to build a community of readers with whom he would not necessarily have been in contact otherwise.

- QR Sun -

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