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Barcodes in movies

The convicts all have barcodes in the neck, and Ripley identifies the doctor as being one of them, rather than someone employed there, by the fact that he's got a barcode too
The opening credits begin with a laser scanning a barcode, an inspection is initiated when a soldier, holding an optical scanning device, reads a barcode tattooed on john Brennick's forearm.
The future convicts in the movies are marked with barcodes on the neck. Cole's tattoo is scanned when he is brought in front of the scientists.
The Nazis tattoo barcodes on Americans as identification, and use scanning devices to determine whether or not a barcode is fake.
Max was genetically engineered, but carried to term by a human woman. She has a barcode on the back of her neck and is referred to as X5-452.
In the movie, Kate Brewster (having trouble with a barcode scanner) says ,"I hate machines".
The clones have a barcode on their wrists, which is one way of identifying them form the real ones.
Agent 47's most recognizable features is a barcode that is prominently tattooed on the back of his head,which lists his date of creation and series identification number.
The "joysticks" on the desk at the front of the bridge are actual Symblo m2004-i215 barcode scanners, the same model used en various retail stores, including Staples.
The crew and colonists have a special tattoo, which when peeled off,shows a fresh tattoo of the same kind. To access certain areas, the computer acts as a "barcode" scanner , which scans both the tattoo and their palm print.
The movie's plot involves selling artificial organs via barcode scanning.
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