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What about QR code now and in the future ?

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Imagine a world with links like a website...You would need only click on something in the real world and instantly you would discover the contents under your finger tips.

Possible ? Yes, the barcode technology makes it possible and it's already available for anyone on a smartphone.

QR code is the bridge between the real world and what you use, what you need and what you imagine. The sky is the limit...

Build your QR codes with QRsun technology and scan the QRsun QR codes ! (with our favorite QR Barcode scanner from i-nigma or scan.me).

Barecode Scanner

Differents ways to read and decode the contents of barcodes

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There are 3 ways to scan QR codes, and more generally all barcodes

The desktop readers

The barcodes (like QR code, Data Matrix, Aztec Barcode ...) can be scanned on desktop computers with a webcam or other imaging device.

QR reader for PC, Mac or Linux QuickMark for PC

The online readers

There are several different QR Readers online that will read a QR code.

All you do is simply upload the QR code file and then you will able to unlock the content of the barcode.

Simply head over to online barcode reader

Professional and industrial handheld 2D barcode scanners

A barcode reader (or barcode scanner) is an electronic device for reading printed barcodes. Like a flatbed scanner, it consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. Additionally, nearly all barcode readers contain decoder circuitry analyzing the barcode's image data provided by the sensor and sending the barcode's content to the scanner's output port.

These lines are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License - Creative Commons License.

The mobile readers

Search in the appropriate app stores ( Google Play, Appstore, Windows Phone store ) of your mobile device for QR code reader.

An advice : Install and test several applications, there are many offers with different qualitiy.

We do not support any of these readers above.

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